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        Who We Are

        Big Block Realty is the culmination of technology, opportunity and much needed industry change. We were named the fastest growing real estate brokerage and listed in the Top 50 on the Inc 500 list of fastest growing private companies in America 3 years in a row!

        With a company DNA laser focused on providing the most agent-centric platform in the country we are dedicated to leading the industry with top notch education, proven technology-driven systems and the freedom of full business control.

        Big Block Realty was founded by Sam Khorramian and Oliver Graf with the mission to Provide the very best real estate experience for its clients and associates.

        Our Leadership Team

        Sam Khorramian Big Block Realty

        Sam Khorramian

        CEO / Co-Founder

        Spencer Lugash Big Block Realty

        Sasan Mirkarimi, Esq.

        Broker of Record / General Council

        Oliver Graf

        President / Co-Founder

        What We Believe

        Want To Learn More?

        Interested in learning more about joining Big Block Realty? California Real Estate Agents and Brokers click below…